Law Bots: How AI Is Reshaping the Legal Profession

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is disrupting almost every industry and profession, some faster and more profoundly than others. Unlike the industrial revolution that automated physical labor and replaced muscles with hydraulic pistons and diesel engines, the AI-powered revolution is automating mental tasks. While it may be merely optimizing some blue-collar jobs, AI is bringing about a more fundamental change to many white-collar roles previously thought safe from automation. Some of these professions are being completely transformed by the superhuman capabilities of AI to do things that were not possible before, augmenting — and to some degree replacing — their human colleagues in offices. In this way, AI is having a profound effect on the practice of law. Though AI is more likely to aid than replace attorneys in the near term, it is already being used to review contracts, find relevant documents in the discovery process, and conduct legal research. More recently, AI has begun to be use